CHEVROLET Epica V250 2006-2011 fluids type and filling capacities

Epica V250 2006-2011
Recommended engine oil, transmission fluids, coolant type, filling capacities and service intervals for CHEVROLET Epica V250 2006-2011.
Aggregate Recommeded fluid Capacity (L) Intervals
1,8L petrol engine 5W30 API SL or above; ACEA A3/B3 4,0 5000 km (3000 miles) or 6 months
2,0L diesel engine (VW Motori RA420) 5W40 (MB229.31) 6,2 7500 km (5000 miles) or 6 months
2,0L and 2,5L petrol engine (6-cylinder, XK) 0W30 or 0W40 or 5W30 or 5W40 or 10W30 or 10W40 (GM-LL-A-025) or ACEA A3/B3 or API SM or above 6,4 7500 km (5000 miles) or 6 months
Cooling system DEX-COOL antifreeze 7,5 - 8,5 45000 km (30000 miles) or 36 months
4-speed automatic transmission (Aisin 81-40LE) AW1 ATF 7,0
5-speed automatic transmission (Aisin AW55-51LE) ATF 3309 or ATF 3317 7,8
6-speed automatic transmission (GM 6T40/45) DEXRON VI 6,1
5-speed manual transmission 75W90 API GL-4 1,6
Power Steering System DEXRON III
Brake and Clutch DOT4 30000 km (20000 miles) or 24 months

Information in this table may be incorrect for your region or driving conditions. Refer to the owners/service manual for details.

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