FORD Kuga C394 2008-2013 fluids type and filling capacities

Kuga C394 2008-2013
Recommended engine oil, transmission fluids, coolant type, filling capacities and service intervals for FORD Kuga C394 2008-2013.
Aggregate Recommeded fluid Capacity (L) Intervals
2,0L diesel engine (Duratorq DW) 5W-30 (WSS-M2C913-C) 5,5 8000 km (5000 miles) or 6 months
2,5L petrol turbo engine (Duratec VI5) 5W-30 (WSS-M2C913-C) 5,8 8000 km (5000 miles) or 6 months
Cooling system Motorcraft SuperPlus Antifreeze (WSS-M97B44-D) 8,6 80000 km (50000 miles) or 3 years
Manual transmission 75W FE (WSS-M2C200-D2)
p/n: 7U7J-M2C200-BA/CA/DA
1,8 48000 km (30000 miles)
5-speed automatic transmission (AW55) ATF E-AW (WSS-M2C924-A)
p/n: 4U7JM2C924-AA
7,5 48000 km (30000 miles)
6-speed dual clutch transmission (Powershift, 6DTC450) BO-DC (WSS-M2C936-A) 7,3 48000 km (30000 miles)
Transfer case Rear Axle Oil SAE 75W-90
p/n: 8U7J-19G518-BA
0,5 48000 km (30000 miles)
Rear differential Rear Axle Oil SAE 80W-90 (WSP-M2C197-A)
p/n: 4U7JM2C197-AA
1,2 48000 km (30000 miles)
Haldex clutch Ford Transmission Oil AWD
~ 0,7
Windshield washer 4,0
Power steering Ford or Motorcraft PSF (WSS-M2C204-A2)
Brakes and Clutch Motorcraft High Performance DOT 4 LV Motor Vehicle Brake Fluid (WSSM6C65-A2)
p/n: PM-20

Information in this table may be incorrect for your region or driving conditions. Refer to the owners/service manual for details.

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