VOLVO V70/XC70 2000-2008 fluids type and filling capacities

V70/XC70 2000-2008
Recommended engine oil, transmission fluids, coolant type, filling capacities and service intervals for VOLVO V70/XC70 2000-2008.
Aggregate Recommeded fluid Capacity (L) Intervals
2,0L and 2,3L and 2,4L and 2,5L gasoline engines (B5204 and B5234 and B5244 and B5254) 0W30 ACEA A5/B5 5,5 - 5,8 12000 km (7500 miles)
2,4L diesel engine (D5244T) 0W30 ACEA A5/B5 6,2 - 6,5 12000 km (7500 miles)
2,5L diesel engine (D5252T) 5W30 ACEA A3/B4 6,0 12000 km (7500 miles)
Cooling system (Gasoline engines without turbo) Volvo original coolant/antifreeze 8,0
Cooling system (Gasoline engines with turbo) Volvo original coolant/antifreeze 9,0
Cooling system (Diesel) Volvo original coolant/antifreeze 12,5
5-speed manual transmission (M56/M58) MTF97309 2,1
5-speed automatic transmission (Aisin AW55-50/51) ATF AW1 7,2 84000 km (52500 miles)
6-speed manual transmission (M66) MTF97309 2,0
6-speed automatic transmission (Aisin TF-80SC) ATF AW1 7,0 84000 km (52500 miles)
Transfer case (AWD models) 75W90 API GL-5
p/n: 31259380
~ 1,0
Rear differential clutch (Haldex) Volvo Haldex Oil
p/n: 31325136
~ 1,0
Rear differential (AWD models) 80W API GL-5
p/n: 1161620
~ 1,0
Power steering hydraulic system WSS M2C204-A2 1,1
Brake and Clutch hydraulic system DOT4+ 0,6 60000 km (37500 miles) or 2 years

Information in this table may be incorrect for your region or driving conditions. Refer to the owners/service manual for details.

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