AUDI Q5 / SQ5 FY 2018- fluids type and filling capacities

Q5 / SQ5 FY 2018-
Recommended engine oil, transmission fluids, coolant type, filling capacities and service intervals for AUDI Q5 / SQ5 FY 2018-.
Agregate Recomeded fluid Capacity (L) Intervals
2,0L petrol engine VW50400 or VW50800 5,2 10000 km or 1 year
2,0L diesel engine (DEUB, DEUA, DETB, DESA, DETA) VW50700 4,7 10000 km or 1 year
2,0L diesel engine (DEZB, DTNB, DEZE, DTNA, DFBA, DTPA) VW50900 5,5 10000 km or 1 year
3,0L petrol engine VW50800 7,3 10000 km or 1 year
3,0L diesel engine VW50700 or VW50900 6,1 10000 km or 1 year
Cooling system VAG G12 EVO or G13 antifreeze
p/n: G12E100M2 or p/n: GA13A8JM1
6-speed manual transmission (0DJ and 0CX) p/n: G052549A2 1,8
7-speed DSG transmission (0CK and 0CJ and 0DK) Automatic part - p/n: G055529A2 Mechanic part - p/n: G052549A2 Automatic part - 3,5 (service fill)
Mechanical part - 3,8
60000 km
8-speed automatic transmission (0D5) p/n: G060162A2 9,0 (overhaul fill)
4,0 (service fill)
60000 km
Transfer case (with 0D5 transmission) p/n: G055145A2 0,8
Transfer case (with 0CX transmission) p/n: G055515A2 0,4
Front differential (with 0D5 transmission) p/n: G065190A2 0,9
Rear differential (0B0) p/n: G060190A2 1,0
Rear differential (09R) p/n: G060190A2 1,3
Rear differential (0D2) p/n: G060190A2 0,9
Rear differential (0D3, QQS) Central part - p/n: G055190A2
Right and Left part - p/n: G055515A2
Central part - 1,0
Right and Left part - 0,9
Brake and Clutch DOT4 (VW 501.14)
p/n: B000750M3
1,0 2 years

Information in this table may be incorect for your region or driving conditions. Refer to the owners/service manual for details.

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