BMW X4/X4M G02/F98 2018- fluids type and filling capacities

X4/X4M G02/F98 2018-
Recommended engine oil, transmission fluids, coolant type, filling capacities and service intervals for BMW X4/X4M G02/F98 2018-.
Agregate Recomeded fluid Capacity (L) Intervals
2,0L petrol turbo engine (B48B20, xDrive20i, xDrive30i) 0W30 (BMW Longlife-01 FE) 5,3 10000 km (6000 miles) or 12 months
2,0L diesel engine (B47D20, xDrive20d, xDrive25d) 0W30 (BMW Longlife-12 FE) 5,0 10000 km (6000 miles) or 12 months
3,0L petrol turbo engine (B58B30 and S58B30, M40i and X4M) 0W30 (BMW Longlife-01 FE) 7,0 10000 km (6000 miles) or 12 months
3,0L diesel engine (B57D30, xDrive30d, M40d) 0W30 (BMW Longlife-12 FE) 6,5 10000 km (6000 miles) or 12 months
Engine coolant BMW Genuine Antifreeze
p/n: 82141467704 or 83512355290
8-speed automatic transmission (ZF 8HP) BMW ATF3+ p/n: 83222289720 or ZF LifeGuard 8 8,5 70000 km
Transfer case (ATC13) BMW DTF-1
p/n: 83222409710
Front differential BMW HYPOID AXLE OIL G2
p/n: 83222413511
Rear differential (except M40i and M40d and X3M) BMW HYPOID AXLE OIL G3 p/n: 83222413512 ~ 1,0
Rear differential (M40i and M40d and X4M, S2T4A differential) BMW HYPOID AXLE OIL G4
Brakes DOT4

Information of this table may be incorect for your region or driving conditions. Refer to the owners/service manual for details.

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